Archery League!

Hey All!

As you should know we’ve started up our intraclub league! You can submit scores here

Hopefully all the information you’ll ever need on the matter can be found here.

Remember its not about winning but it’s a great way to see your scores improve through the year. Don’t think of it as a competition, think of it as a record for how you’re doing.

😀 //Polkadot


Freshers 2017!

Hello everybody! We hope you’re all settling in at Lancaster and are enjoying freshers week. We’re running things a little differently this year with our fresher training sessions.

The first training session for freshers will be Friday of the first week of term (the week after freshers week) we hope to see a lot of you there but we ask you to be patient with us as our first sessions are always our busiest.

No experience is required to shoot at these sessions and you only need to bring yourself! We hope to see a lot of you there!

If you want any more information we’ll be at freshers fair.


//Polkadot – The webmaster

Election Results

Hi everyone,

Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone that came to the AGM, it was great to see such a turnout!

For those that weren’t there, here is the elected exec for next year:

President – Matt McCormack
Treasurer – Gemma Ainsworth
Safety & Equipment – Laura Hodgkinson
Captain – Adam Shorrock
Secretary – Alice Johnson
Training & Development – Tom Wilson
Social & Publicity – Isabel Saunders

Congratulations to them, and to everyone that ran for a position. These guys will officially take over at Roses (4th May)

We also made changes to the constitution, to reduce the quorum required for general meetings to a more manageable level. Check it out here

New Term, New Year

Hi everyone! Only a few days to go until things start up again, hope you’re all excited to get back into it, or join us for the first time 🙂

Here’s what we’ll be up to in the next week or so:
Wednesday 3rd Oct, 12:30 – 13:00 Activities showcase in Alex Square; We’ll have a stall set up for prospective members to come meet us, have a look at some equipment and find out more about us

Wednesday 3rd Oct, 16:00 – 19:00 Grad Fair in Barker House Farm; We’ll be promoting ourselves and looking to hopefully recruit some postgraduate students into the LUAC family. Also a chance for returning members to come and pay membership

Thursday 4th Oct, 12:00 – 17:00 Fresher’s Fair in the Great Hall; This is the big one! We’ll have a stall set up for promoting ourselves, recruiting new members, and giving out as much info as we can (expect a lot of flyers!!) Again a perfect chance for returning members to pay their fee (hint hint)

The membership fee for 2012/13 will be £30 for the year, covering cost of all sessions and equipment use as always. For beginner’s the first session will be free so that you can get a taste of it before needing to commit. Also, as of this year it is not necessary to have a purple card to join, you just need your LUSU number which everyone should have already.

The first beginner’s sessions for new members will be on Tuesday 9th Oct (9am-11am) and Friday 12th Oct (7pm-9pm).

For returning members there will be a session on Friday 5th Oct (4pm – 6pm) which will be used to shoot a scoring round so we can where everyone is up to (and gives everyone a fair chance towards team selection)

Phew! That was a lot of text haha. Hope to see you all soon 🙂

BUCS Outdoors Sees Out 2011/2012

Situated right at the end of summer term, the BUCS outdoor championships provide the grande finale for the university archery year. And with one of our best results ever at this level, we certainly did it in style!

Senior team came 6th (Joint highest result in the club’s history!) with the novice team in 11th as the highest placed NEUAL team. Congratulations to everyone for a great performance, despite the awful weather!

And so, the 2011/12 season is over. There have been some great performances throughout, but the highlights surely have to be Roses and NEUAL outdoors. Well done & massive thankyou to all that contributed to such a successful year.

NEUAL Outdoors – Another Fantastic Result

Saturday 12th May saw the NEUAL Outdoor Championships hosted here at Lancaster. Only a week after the exec handover, organising an event like this was certainly a real test for the new blood! Not only did everything run smoothly, Lancaster put in an amazing performance, claiming the following medals:

Senior Team (Gold) – Kevin Toutain, Matt McCormack, Sally Morris, Mathew Smith
Novice Team (Silver) – Laura Bestwick, Adam Shorrock, Marlen von Reith
Gents Recurve (Gold) – Kevin Toutain
Gents Recurve (Silver) – Matt McCormack
Gents Recurve (Bronze) – Mathew Smith
Ladies Recurve (Gold) – Sally Morris
Novice Ladies Recurve (Gold) – Laura Bestwick
Novice Ladies Recurve (Silver) – Marlen von Reith
Gents Longbow (Gold) – Matt Evans

A massive congratulations to them, and well done to everyone else that shot and also that helped out with the competition.

As always, detailed results can be found under the “Competitions” tab at the top of the page

Roses Victory!

Lancaster achieve a stunning victory in Roses 2012, taking 9 out of the 10 possible points. The categories were as follows:

Senior Team: Lancaster won 3809 – 2145, with a team of Kevin Toutain, Matt McCormack, Sally Morris, and Mat Smith
Novice Team: Lancaster won 1261 – 748, with a team of Laura Bestwick, Marlen von Reith, and Francesco Wu
Senior Male: Lancaster won with a score of 1047 from Kevin Toutain
Senior Female: Lancaster won with a score of  904 from Sally Morris
Novice Male: York won with a score of  432 from Theo Townend
Novice Female: Lancaster won with a score of 539 from Laura Bestwick

Full results can be found here.

Also, now that Roses is done the new exec, elected at the AGM back in March, takes over. The exec page on the website will be updated with the new guys in the next couple of days