New Exec Elected + Outdoor Shooting — March 9, 2012

New Exec Elected + Outdoor Shooting

An eventful week this week. First up our new bosses have finally arrived after months of waiting!

Yesterday also saw the club’s annual general meeting, in which we elected the new exec for next year. Say hello to:
President: Matt McCormack
Safety & Equipment: Sam Evans
Treasurer: Ashley Teo
Captain: Mat Tripp
Training & Development: Chris Woodhead
Secretary: Lauren Baddeley
Socials: Michael Lindsay

The official handover between execs will happen at Roses (5th May).

That’s not all! This week we have been able to start shooting outdoors (at last!). Shoots will run on Wednesday afternoons and Sundays, when conditions allow. Extra shoots will also happen if there are enough people wanting it, the facebook group is the best way to keep up to date on this

Coaching Talk – Shot Sequence & Psychology — February 23, 2012

Coaching Talk – Shot Sequence & Psychology

Hi guys,

Finally this term I’ll be doing a talk on something other than equipment! This session will focus on developing a consistent shot sequence, finding a good rhythm to your shooting, and some tips on getting your head in the right place to shoot at the best possible. This is a topic I honestly think will benefit almost everyone in the club, so I hope lots of you can make it
It will be taking place next Monday (27th) at 6.30pm in Cavendish Lecture Theatre