So you’re interested in taking up archery? Whether you’re looking to emulate fictional heroes such as Robin Hood; or inspired by the Olympics to take up a competitive sport that’s slightly off the beaten track, we can cater to the whole range of interests.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never even touched a bow before as we will give you all the basic training you’ll need to get going, as well as providing all necessary equipment. We will be offering free taster session at the beginning of term, so if you’re unsure then you can come try us out!

For new archers there is a compulsory 3 week beginner’s course, which teaches you all you’ll need to shoot independently. After this the membership cost is £30 for the year, and this includes the use of all of the club’s equipment as well as affiliation to the national archery governing body, as well as further training and coaching.

You will need a LUSU number in order to join, which all students should have been given at the start of the year. If you already have shooting experience and possess a GNAS card you can still join the club, we’ll mark you as a primary shooter for Lancaster University and mark your other club as a secondary.

Due to our extensive use of the Lancaster University Gym’s facilities (Mainly the use of their sports hall and storage facilities) all members who wish to join are required to have at least a bronze membership (Silver, Gold and Platinum are also accepted)

Have a question for us? want more information? Just send us an email (*, or join our Freshers FB group.

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