LUAC League Results Week Commencing 27/11/14 (Week 4) — November 5, 2014

LUAC League Results Week Commencing 27/11/14 (Week 4)

The results for the LUAC League Week Commencing 27/11/14 (Week 4) are now available here:

luac-league-27-11-14 (Week 4)


Novices, if you’re unaware of what the League is, its a casual week-on-week intra-club competition where you can track how your scores are improving and compare with others in the club. All you have to do is shoot 12 arrows (in any combination you want, e.g. 4 ends of 3 arrows) on the target faces you are used to (60cm), scoring each arrow, having someone double check with you. When you’re done, comment on this post with your score, the number of Golds you got (only 10s count as a Gold), and who double checked your scores. If, for whatever reason, you cannot get to this post once you’ve scored, write up the information on the little whiteboard inside the grey cage with one of the various marker pens lying about.
It is completely casual and of course there is no requirement to do the League, however it is a very good habit to get into, scoring arrows and seeing how you are developing week on week. In the end, it’s a bit of fun!

Looking to Join LUAC? Look no further! — October 8, 2014

Looking to Join LUAC? Look no further!

Hi there!

If you’re interested in joining the Lancaster University Archery Club, whether you’re a fresher or Archery has just recently piqued your interest, come along to one of our two weekly shoots dedicated to Novice training in the first 3 weeks. Don’t worry if you’ve missed any sessions, we’re more than happy to accept anybody who is interested, and its very simple to sign up.

Our training times are as follows:

  • Tuesday: 10-12 am
  • Thursday: 7-9 am (reserved for senior archers during novice training)
  • Friday: 7-9 pm

So come along to the Tuesday or Friday shoots if you’re interested, and you’ll be given all the means to start you on your way to becoming Robin Hood of Lancaster.

Membership to the club is £30 which gets you full use of the range, equipment (including the club bows) and entry into any available competitions, as well as your GNAS Card which lets you shoot at any range in the country. However, these first novice training sessions are free, so if you’re unsure, give it a try!

We hope to see you there!

Roses 2014 – A Recap — May 17, 2014

Roses 2014 – A Recap

Roses was 2 weeks ago now (apologies for the lateness!), so I’m sure you’ve heard Lancaster took the victory, with a final score of 183.5 to York’s 142.5, an impressive final result for both Universities. The final day started with Lancaster leading by around 40 points, a gap which York didn’t let expand further, closing the gap marginally early in the morning. However, by mid-day, Lancaster had taken the victory, achieving the 163.5 points required to win. It was a glorious moment as the 50th Roses tournament was won, with celebrations and music blaring all around campus.


As for the Archery tournament, Lancaster took a near clean sweep of the categories, achieving 9 out of the 10 possible Roses points, only losing out on the Best Novice Male category taken by York’s Nick Fletcher. Though Lancaster took the Novice Team category (with a team composed of Kirsty Falcus, Ellie Hayward-Stott and Alex Goldsack) in a pinch with York only having one novice, and Best Female Novice going to Lancaster’s Kirst Falcus by default, the other categories, Senior team especially, were far from mundane.


The qualifying round went superbly and smoothly, with Matt McCormack taking the Best Senior Male and Laura Hodgkinson the Best Senior Female, with George Robinson joining them to make up the Senior team to take on their York counterparts, Theo Townend, Sigourney Lee and George Teh, in the head to head. Kirsty Falcus took the Best Female Novice, with Nick Fletcher stealing York’s only Roses point of the archery competition as Best Novice Male. In the Alumni category, Matt Wilkinson, John Lane and Matt Smith of Lancaster formed the head to head team, to take on Lotty Boatman, Bethany Woodcock and Robin Virgo in the afternoon, a competition which Lancaster took in their stride, despite the best efforts of York’s impressive alumni.


After the Alumni head to head, the Novices took centre stage to fight a battle which York would’ve required a miracle to win. Originally planning to send 3 novices before 1 dropped out ahead of the competition and another on the day, York had all but given the points to Lancaster, which Kirsty Falcus, Ellie Hayward-Stott and Alex Goldsack took from Nick Fletcher (who regardless gave it his all) without a hitch.


Then came arguably the most exciting event, the Senior head to head. 4 points were on offer in what looked and proved to be a very close and intense match which left fans and archers holding their breaths in waiting of the score of each arrow. Neither team let up, with the leaders bouncing back and forth between the two clubs after each round, beginning with York. It was not until the second to last arrow of the competition that Lancaster took the win, preceded by some incredible shooting from both teams. Hats off to the York archers who refused to go down without a fight.


All in all a very successful day for Lancaster, and indeed an exciting competition to mark the 50th anniversary of this incredible tournament. Both sides shot amazingly, with a plethora of talented archers, but in the end Lancaster University Archery Club took it’s 3rd consecutive Roses win. Will next year make it a 4th?