Roses 2014 Archery Tomorrow! — May 4, 2014

Roses 2014 Archery Tomorrow!

If you’ve been around LU campus recently it would be very hard to miss the fact that Roses fever has gripped Lancaster, with two of the three days of sport having passed and one more to go. The second day has ended with an incredible score for Lancaster of 154 to York’s 108. With the number of points required to win being 163.5, Lancaster are tantalisingly close to the victory, but it is still all to play for. A final push from York is far from impossible, and you would be very mistaken if you think they will lie down and give Lancs the victory. Competition from York will be even higher tomorrow, meaning the Archery will be ever more intense.


Unfortunately, due to unavoidable pull-outs, York will not be contributing any female novice archers tomorrow, making the Best Female Novice point almost guaranteed to go to Lancaster, and, given that this leaves York with only two novices, the 3v3 novice head to head has certainly swung into LUAC’s favour.


Regardless, the competition could still fall either way. The novice head to head comp contributes 2 Roses points compared to the senior’s contributing 4, and with the Novice and Senior best female and male archers contributing 1 each, the overall winners of the competition, and the tournament, could be either of the Universities.


LUAC have fierce competition to expect from York tomorrow.


Qualification starts at 10am most likely lasting 2-3 hours, with the head to head beginning at 2pm. Be sure to get down to the stadium for what will be a very exciting competition!

Pre-Roses Outdoor Training — April 28, 2014

Pre-Roses Outdoor Training

This week in the run up to Roses on Sunday we have 3 planned outdoor shoots giving you plenty of time to practice and prepare for one of the most anticipated competitions of the year. The planned shoots are as follows;

Tuesday – 12pm (following the regular indoor shoot running from 9-11)

Wednesday – 11am

Thursday – 2pm

The length of each shoot will vary but will probably be at least two hours long, so be sure to come on down! Keep an eye on the twitter at @LancsUniArchery this site and the Facebook group to keep up to date on any news.

Roses 2014 – Less than a month away! — April 3, 2014

Roses 2014 – Less than a month away!


  As you may of heard, the Roses tournament, where Lancaster and York Universities battle it out across various sports, is having it’s 50th anniversary this year, and Lancaster has the incredibly opportunity to host it on this momentous occasion. From the 2nd to the 4th of May Roses fever will envelop Lancaster Campus and athletes from both Universities will be at the top of their game including, of course, the Archers.

  This year is a very exciting year for Archery, as the competition will take place, on the Sunday (3rd of May), as a 3v3 head to head (where Novice, Senior and Alumni teams will have 4 rounds of 2 minutes to fire 2 arrows each at 50m for Novice and 70m for the Senior and Alumni archers), preceded by a 72 arrow qualifying round to determine the teams, exactly the same as you’d see in the olympics. Making the event especially exciting will be the setting. The competition will be taking place in the stadium that will be hosting the opening and closing ceremonies, with cameras pointed at the targets live streaming the competition, and live commentary to boot. All this coupled with a professional timing system will make for an extremely exciting and intense competition not a far cry from the olympics.

  Interested? The event is open to all spectators with the qualification round starting at 10:00am on the Sunday. It will be a spectacular event, so make sure you check it out!