President – Dave Spruce 


I’m Dave, I’m a 3rd-year ComSci student and I’ve managed to swindle and barter my way into being the club President for 2018-19. While I’ve only been shooting since my first year, archery has consumed my life at University.


My job is to make sure the club runs smoothly, ensure that the exec are on top form and help out anyone with questions or problems. Having been an active competitor, a Safety and Equipment Officer and a general club dogsbody, I know how to keep the club afloat and happy.


If you see me around I’m always up for a chat, so feel free to come over and say Hi.

Joint Safety & Equipment – Tom Wilson / Ellie Hayward-Scott

(to be updated…)

Treasurer – Robin Cade

robinHey, so what I do is deal with the club finances and I make sure that the other exec members don’t plunge us into a dark pit of financial ruin. Managing the accounts and keeping the books in check isn’t easy but someone has to do it

Captain – Dmytro Petryshche

(to be updated…)

Training & Development – Rhys Harper

(to be updated…)

Secretary – Jasmine Osh

Hi, my name is Jasmine, I am a first-year law student and your general secretary for the next year. I started archery when I joined university last year with limited experience of actually using a bow. However I have greatly enjoyed being apart of the archery society, and I hope you can enjoy the sport as much as I have.

Socials & Publicity – Rosie Irwin Holbrey


Hi! I’m Rosie, I’m studying Biology and I’m the socials and publicity officer. I’m here to organise a bunch of awesome socials and make sure that all of you have the best time possible while at the club.

If you have any questions, social suggestions or just fancy a chat, feel free to come and say hello!

Webmaster – Charles Tam


Hey wassup!!! I’m Charles, I’m studying Computer Science and I’m the Webmaster in the club. I manage the website, often post new updates, and take care of the Archery
 League submission for the club.
If you have any question or suggestions about the website, you are more than welcome to let me know. Feel free to come by and say hello if you see me. 🙂