President – Naomi Smith 

Hi, I’m Naomi and I will be your president for the year. I will be involved in the general running of the club and organisation of the exec (though really they are pretty good at organising themselves). If you have any problems or complaints at all I’m the person to talk to and I will either sort your problem or find someone who can. Archery has been a big part of my university experience so it is a big priority for me, and I’ll try my best not to burn the LUAC legacy to the ground…



Safety & Equipment – Dave Spruce

19250537_2120523307973520_6394993637743499959_oHi there! My name’s Dave and I’m one of the Safety and Equipment Officers for the club this year, along with Jono. Our role as S&E means that we organise, maintain and dutifully protect the club’s equipment, as well as ensure everything’s all fine and dandy at the shoots. If you have any questions or are seeking advice about archery equipment, you can come and see us. While I haven’t been shooting for very long, I absolutely fell in love with the sport and haven’t stopped shooting since I started at fresher’s week last year. This is a great club to be a part of. Whether you want to be a competitive shooter or a more casual member, we’ll guarantee that you have a great time here. If want to come and find me, I’m the guy who shoots a compound – there are too many recurves anyway. Break the cycle, Morty, rise above. Focus on compound. Compound Portsmouth PB: 539

Safety & Equipment – Jonathon Hall

Hi, I’m Jono and I am joint safety and equipment officer with Dave; our role is to keep you all safe whilst still having fun. “Joint?” you may say? Just wait until you see all the equipment to keep in working order.

18768457_1342314072550904_5515073070176683425_o.jpgI shoot recurve, and joined last year after trying archery at freshers, I got hooked pretty fast and started competing in competitions as a novice (competitions are great by the way, and we were dern successful).

Everyone in the club is friendly and approachable so if you have any questions feel free to approach any one of us. If you’re worried about the safety of your equipment, or just unsure what you want to get as an upgrade (mmmmmmmm upgrades), find us and have a chat. Dave is the Compound kid, and I’ll be using brightly coloured everything, or have my long rod and short rods set-up like Kylo Ren’s lightsaber.

Recurve Portsmouth PB: 525


Treasurer – Robin Cade

robinHey, so what I do is deal with the club finances and I make sure that the other exec members don’t plunge us into a dark pit of financial ruin. Managing the accounts and keeping the books in check isn’t easy but someone has to do it





Captain – Kirk Sparnenn

Hey, I am a second year computer science student. My job as captain is to sort out the team for all the competitions that we take part in and arange all the behind the scenes aspects that go with them. Last year we won all the NEUAL competitions and achived team medals in both BUCS competitions, so if you are interested in taking part just come and talk to me any time.


Training & Development – Alix Hutt

19213030_1465799363486819_586039930_o.jpgHello everyone! My name’s Alix and I am your Training Officer for this year. Welcome to the club, I hope you take the opportunity to come along and join in with our sport. I joined the club at the beginning of my second year, I was a little bit of a hermit in my first year, and I instantly felt welcomed and fell in love with the sport. My aim is get everyone enjoying it as much as I do. If you ever need help or have any questions, please feel welcome to come and find me at a shoot, I am more than happy to help anyone.

Training & Development – Chris Woodhead


Christopher Woodhead – Vice Training Officer I am a lvl 1 qualified AGB coach, and have previously been a member of the exec as Training Officer (2012/13) and President of the club (2013/2014). My goal as vice training officer is to focus on the development of experienced archers, working with our club coach to help dramatically improve the competitive performance of the senior team. If you have any archery related questions please come and find me, I am more than happy to help and will do 1 on 1 coaching for whoever needs it. Iam currently the oldest student member of the club joining back in 2009 and I have been competitively shooting since 2010. My personal bowstyle is recurve, and I have won multiple team medals with the archery club throughout my time shooting.

Portsmouth PB: 556

1440 Gents FITA PB: 968

Secretary – Laura Mockaityte

LauraHey! My name’s Laura (the one on the right), I am a third year BSc Biomedicine student and the club’s General & Membership Secretary this year. I joined the club in October 2017. If you worked it out, I was a novice last year, therefore, I understand how sometimes you might have various questions about the club… or life. But don’t worry! That is why I’m here! One of my many roles is to answers emails, from all of you… and other organisations, so, If you’re not sure who to approach about certain things, I will be more than glad to help! I also collect club’s post, document the minutes of Executive Committee meetings, help the others with various task and sing to myself during shoots.


Socials & Publicity – Declan Grant

decHey everyone, I’m Declan and like a good student I gave into peer pressure and am now somehow the social sec of this club, meaning I have to plan the only fun you’ll be having in this club. As for events and such, you can expect activities ranging from pub crawls, to going to the pub, there will be a few other things too I promise, so if you’d like to do something with the group, don’t hesitate to give me ideas to claim as my own. If you’re ever worried about not being good at archery, I have been here a year and I don’t think I can even hold the bow properly.





Webmaster – Matthew Threlfall


Heyo! They call me Polkadot around here and I try my best to shoot arrows at a target. I handle the website around here and try my best to keep communication up around the club. If you ever see me shoot a compound, I’m too lazy to put my recurve up…

Most probably seen:

  • With a pint
  • Trying to embarrass Declan
  • Not shooting
  • Looking tired

Portsmouth PB: 512

WA1440 PB: 691 (I told you I try)