Cumbria H2H and end of novice training — October 31, 2013

Cumbria H2H and end of novice training

Last weekend the club seniors competed in the cumbria world record status FITA 18 + head to head competition. The format of the competition involves shooting a qualifying round  (FITA 18  at  40cm 3 spot faces) in the morning. Then in the afternoon a head to head round, where each archer is paired with another, and shoot against each other to get through to the next round. Congratulations go to Lancaster’s Laura Hodgkinson for getting a 3rd place in both the FITA 18 and the head to head, also to long standing member Matt Wilkinson (shooting for bowbearers of Wrysdale) who came 2nd in the FITA 18 and 1st place in the head to head.


In further news the novice training sessions have now finished, and shooting has returned to normal. If you still wish to try archery please just send us an e-mail.

NEUAL Outdoors Match Report — May 30, 2013

NEUAL Outdoors Match Report

This year the NEUAL outdoor competition was held by York and so we left Lancaster fairly early on the Saturday morning. The weather was okay when we got there, however as we set up our bows it took a turn for the worst and started raining, conditions getting poorer as we continued shooting the first distance! Many teams began retreating to their tents and it only began to ease off towards the final ends of the first distance. At this point everyone began enjoying the day much more as the sun began to emerge! Everyone’s shooting improved, and by this point Kim Andrews and Kate Wilhelm were already leading in their respective novice recurve categories, with Tom Wilson doing well in the compound bracket. From here on in the weather brightened up, and the day was very pleasant; shooting 6 arrow ends right up until the last distance of 30m where it was swapped to 3 arrow ends. By this time in the late afternoon the sun was shining brightly and everyone was excited to hear the final results! At the end of the day after final scoring it was discovered that Lancaster had won 1st Novice Team, 1st Novice Female, 1st Compound, 3rd Novice Male, 3rd Senior Team and 3rd Novice Female, giving us a healthy collection of medals to add to our awards. We finally left in the evening happy with our success for the 2013 year!